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HMN-83DTC Perspectives is seeking industry leaders to speak at conferences. Stand out in front of your peers by showcasing your work, research, and insights before our audience of healthcare marketers.

In order to be considered, presentations must be:

  • New – cannot have been presented before
  • Unique – cannot be something available through other mediums / client in-office presentations
  • Compelling – cannot be a summary of capabilities or general facts already widely in adoption
  • Applicable – cannot be purely theoretical, must have a pragmatic balance

Each speaker proposal should offer concise details and must include the following:

  • Talk title and 100-word abstract
  • Three take-aways attendees will learn from the presentation
  • Biography for each speaker

Now Accepting Speaker Proposals For:
HMN – West Coast: October 15, 2019, Los Angeles
HMN – Northeast: October 22, 2019, New Jersey

Speaker Proposal Form